Peter Temple


Bio : Known for his brilliant impressions and mimicry of sports personalities. Peter starred in the national tour of 'Corrie!' as the voice of Bet Lynch, Roy Cropper, Audrey Roberts and many others.

Type: Sport, Voiceover, Actor, Male

Experience: Commercial, Promo, Corporate, Documentary, Sports Commentator, impressionist

Vocal Age Range: 40-50



Description : Any voice or accent plus a lovely warm RP, also a brill Northern used for 'Black & Decker' campaigns. The voice of Camelot's online videos for 'Lotto Hotpicks'!

Accent: Scouse, Leeds, Northern, Lincoln, Sheffield, Liverpool, Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire

Style: enthusiastic, natural, low, calm, animated, cheerful, bright, friendly, warm, rich, thoughtful, strength, smooth

Documentary Style: Comic, Informative, Sports