Pierre Maubouche


Bio : Pierre is one of the industry's leading genuine French talents. He has been chosen as the voice of Dolce & Gabbana for their worldwide Light Blue TV campaign, for the new Halo 4 trailer, and by Apple, FCUK, Dell, McDonalds, Lynx and many other brands for their commercials and corporate communications. He is very experienced and, being bilingual, works in French and in French-accented English. In France, you can hear Pierre on TV during the commercial breaks, and every day on Discovery and ESPN (he is the continuity voice of both channels).

Experience: Commercial, Promo, Corporate, Animation, Continuity, Audio Book, Podcast, Radio, TV

Type: Voiceover, Actor, Male, International

Vocal Age Range: 40-60

YouTube Showreels

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Description : Pierre's rich voice with a 'tunable' gravitas is convincing, deep, warm and hard to ignore, ideal for strong endlines and punchy VOs. His almost freakish versatility allows him to switch on demand to lighter, cooler or softer tones, perfect for fashion and current trends.

Native Voice: French

Accent: French

Style: sexy, deep, strong, engaging, convincing, current