Voice Profile



Bio: Known as 'Mr Movie Trailer Man' from the sheer number of Hollywood blockbusters his voice has trailed. Redd has established himself in other areas too including presenting his own soul radio show to acting and presenting. His recent campaigns include 'Carphone Warehouse', 'Muller Rice Bear', 'Warhammer', 'Dominos Pizza', 'ASDA Black Friday' & 'Guinness'. Redd even has his own Iphone App now, 'The Redd Pepper Trailer Maker'. Have some fun with Redd's legendary voice and make your own Movie Trailers, available via Itunes.

Experience:Commercial, Promo, Corporate, Animation, Video Games, Film Trailers, Voice of God, TV & Radio Presenting

Type:Voiceover, Actor, Male, Presenter

Vocal Age Range:40-45, 45-50


Description: A living legend! Big, booming, deep, gravelly, majestic American voice. One of the UK's most prolific voice over artists delivering effortless Barrie White tones to the classic Hollywood Trailer VO. Redd's also very adept with Jamaican accents, plus a great cockney read! Whether you need an epic movie trailer voiceover or characters for an animation or video game Redd can deliver!

Accent:London, Cockney, Standard American, Caribbean, Jamaican

Documentary Style:Reality, Light Entertainment, Authoritive

Style:characterful, authoratitive, baritone, cool, deep, hard, resonant, rich, strong, distinctive, blokish, god-like, gritty, gravelly, menacing, dark, scary

Native Voice:American