Voice Profile



Bio: Ronny has just completed a feature film called 'Everywhere & Nowhere' and a comedy detective show called "Vexed" for BBC2, Sunday nights at 9pm. Also starred in 'Cash & Curry'. Ronny has recently been seen in both of the BBC series 'Survivors' and has numerous TV and Film credits including 'Doctor Who', 'Shameless', 'Cutting It' and 'Where the Heart Is'.

Experience:Commercial, Promo, Documentary, Actor

Type:Actor, Male

Vocal Age Range:25-35


Description: Ronny's vocal quality is soft in tone yet measured, dynamically youthful with an element of wit. He speaks Hindi and Punjabi reading from phonetic scripts.

Native Voice:British

Accent:Birmingham, London, Northern, Brummie, Manchester, Asian, Hindi

Documentary Style:Comic, Informative, Reality, Medical

Style:caring, characterful, charm, cheerful, conversational, friendly, warm, informative, youthful, credible, reassuring, sincerity, relaxed, natural, outgoing, wry, theatrical, trendy, soothing, thoughtful, comic