Ryan Early


Bio : Recently seen in the History Channel's 'Knightfall' and in the multi award winning series 'The Crown'! He plays Lee in the BBC's much loved radio soap opera 'The Archers'. He played Capt Bryce in the movie 'Red Tails' which also starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Terrence Howard. Ryan has a great ear for accents from Northern and Southern to Irish and American. Best known from his role as young Probationary PC Tom Nicholson in 'Heartbeat'. Previous voiceover campaigns include 'Kwik Fit', 'John Lewis' and several video games!

Experience: Theatre, Commercial, Corporate, Video Game, Animation, Radio Drama

Type: Actor, Male

Vocal Age Range: 25-35

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Description : Ryan's voice has a light smokey resonance to it. Plenty of boy next door charm and versatility.

Native Voice: British

Accent: American Midwest, London, Neutral, Northern, RP, Cockney, Manchester, Yorkshire, American Southern States, California, Mid Atlantic, Irish, Standard American

Documentary Style: Informative, Reality

Style: cheerful, friendly, warm, confident, relaxed, engaging, natural, upbeat, expressive, husky, Inviting, smokey, mischevious, soothing