Safiyya Ingar


Bio : Avid gamer, anime fan and visual storyteller, Safiyya prides themself of being the hero of every story! Using their knowledge and passion of these mediums Safiyya brings enthusiasm and boundless energy to the table, incorporating skills they have gathered from theatre and screen to deliver natural and nuanced performances with every character. Safiyya’s credits include various characters for animation series Shasha & Milo. Blizzards Diablo IV, playing Valarie Lockwood, 11th companion to Dr Who in Big Finish's 'Dr Who Geronimo!' boxset. The Settlers: New Allies, Another Eden; The Cat Beyond Time and Space (Video Games), Hobson’s Choice (Royal Exchange Manchester), Holes (Nottingham Playhouse), The Box of Delights (Wilton’s Music Hall),This is Your Country Too.. (BBC Radio) They were also recently one of 5 actors to be selected and mentored by Alix Wilton Regan. Watch this space! Safiyya has many exciting games and animation projects under NDA being released soon....

Experience: Spoken Word, Singer, Comedy, Voiceover, Video Game, Drama, Radio Drama, Motion Capture, Audio Book, Theatre

Type: Actor, Female, Non Binary, Voiceover

Vocal Age Range: 12-25



Description : Bright, light, full of zest and character, Safiyya's voice brings a wonderful upbeat energy, engaging, passionate panache, all with a natural, conversational tone. Safiyya has their own home studio.

Documentary Style: Travel, Lifestyle, Educational, Light Entertainment, Conversational, Food & Drink

Style: bright, characterful, conversational, friendly, articulate, enthusiastic, engaging, upbeat, expressive

Accent: RP, Manchester, American Southern States, Bradford, Estuary English, Cockney, Indian, Pakistani, American-Standard

Native Voice: Multicultural London English (MLE)