Sarah Amankwah


Bio : Sarah is an experienced actress and spoken word poet, based in London. She is well versed at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre having performed in many productions including as Henry V in 'Henry V' and Hal in 'Henry IV Parts I & II'. She has also performed at the National Theatre, Manchester Royal Exchange and in the West End 'The Lion King'. Sarah featured in 'World War Z' (Paramount Pictures) alongside Brad Pitt and recently played Juliana Kabanga in Hugo Blick's BBC/Netflix drama 'Black Earth Rising'.

Type: Voiceover, Female, Actress

Vocal Age Range: 25-35

Experience: Poet, Spoken Word, Theatre, Commercial



Description : Sarah has a wonderfully smooth, caring tone, fresh and engaging! She also has a great ear for pitch perfect accents and is very comfortable jumping from London, Urban, Cockney to various African & American accents.

Style: fresh, friendly, Urban, smooth, down to earth, engaging, bright, animated

Accent: Nigerian, Cockney, African West, Standard American, London, Neutral, Caribbean, Ghanaian

Native Voice: British

Documentary Style: Light Entertainment


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