Voice Profile



Bio: Sarah is an experienced actress and spoken word poet, based in London. She recently appeared in National Theatre's 'AMADEUS' and the new Hugo Blick BBC/Netflix drama 'Black Earth Rising' other theatre credits include 'The Lion King', Lyceum Theatre, 'The Crucible', Manchester Royal Exchange.

Experience:Theatre, TV, Actress

Type:Voiceover, Actress

Vocal Age Range:25-35


Description: Sarah has a wonderfully smooth, caring tone, fresh and engaging! She also has a great ear for pitch perfect accents and is very comfortable jumping from London, Urban, Cockney to various African & American accents.

Native Voice:British

Accent:London, Neutral, Cockney, Standard American, Caribbean, Ghanaian, Nigerian, African West

Style:animated, fresh, friendly, smooth, down to earth, engaging, bright, Urban

Documentary Style:Light Entertainment