Siu-See Hung


Bio : Siu-See grew up in Hong Kong and went to international school and as a result she has a north American accent. Perfect for animation characters, she is the voice of An-An in 'Thomas & Friends', Miss Chen and Lily in 'Fireman Sam' and recently played Payce in Toon Disney's 'Chuggington' animation series. She has various stage and film credits as well.

Experience: Commercial, Documentary, Voiceover, Video Game, Animation, ADR

Vocal Age Range: Teen, Versatile, 20 - 30

Type: Female, Actress



Description : Siu-See is Chinese American, fluent in Cantonese and English she also speaks Mandarin to a conversational level. Wonderfully versatile, good comic timing, lots of energy and her character voices makes her a firm favourite for animation and video game voiceovers.

Accent: American Midwest, Neutral, American Southern States, Standard American, Chinese

Style: animated, characterful, youthful, enthusiastic, engaging

Native Voice: American

Documentary Style: Light Entertainment