Voice Profile



Bio: Steve is best known as one half of the double-act 'Electric Forecast'. Last seen in 'The Street' by Jimmy McGovern and 'Looking for Eric' feature film. Together with double-act partner, Dan Wright, he has appeared in numerous television shows for BBC 3, CH4, FIVE, MTV, SKY, ITV & E4. As well as his double-act work Steve is also an actor and presenter in his own right, with a number of Film, TV, Radio and Theatre credits to his name.

Type:Actor, Male, Presenter, Comedy, Kids TV

Experience:Presenter, Actor

Vocal Age Range:30-35


Description: Natural and confident vocal tones. Your every-day bloke ranging from cheeky to gritty.

Native Voice:British

Accent:Northern, Manchester

Documentary Style:Reality, Comedy

Style:animated, cheeky, energy, youthful, down to earth, engaging, matey, natural, expressive, playful, mischevious, quirky, naughty