Voice Profile



Bio: Susan George is an English film and television actress, film producer and Arabian horse breeder. Her illustrious film career has spanned five decades and it was in cult classic 'Straw Dogs' that Susan found international fame, starring opposite Dustin Hoffman. Susan was the voice of 'Bounty' for over seven years. For more information please visit Susan's website: susangeorgeofficialwebsite

Experience:Film, TV, Commercial, Documentary, Audio Books

Type:Voiceover, Actor, Female

Vocal Age Range:40 - 55


Description: Susan's voice is soft, melodic, alluring, engaging and distinguished.

Native Voice:British

Accent:Neutral, RP, Mid Atlantic, Irish

Documentary Style:Informative, Wildlife, Nature

Style:charm, sensuous, warm, articulate, distinctive, smooth, expressive, classy, soft, sultry, calm, musky, soothing, melodic, gentle, mellow, silky