Susan George


Bio : The illustrious career of Susan George began at an early age. By the time she was 12 she had already filmed the same number of television plays and many more commercials. Throughout the seventies /eighties her face was rarely away from British television screens and at just 17, she won her first starring film role opposite Michael York in The Strange Affair. In 1972, she landed what was to become her most iconic film role, starring opposite Dustin Hoffman in Sam Peckinpah’s Straw Dogs. Susan’s performance as Amy, Hoffman’s young wife, was revered worldwide and catapulted her to International stardom. More recently Susan was seen in hit BBC television series The Real Marigold. Although Susan George is known the world over for her international film career, in the Middle East she is known for another passion, that of breeding the pure bred Arabian horse.

Type: Voiceover, Female, Actress, Celebrity

Experience: Documentary, Voiceover, Animation, Celebrity, Audio Book, Film, TV

Vocal Age Range: 60+, 50-60


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Description : Iconic! Susan's voice brings a sense of luxury and sensuality with her natural warm husky tones. Versatile enough to deliver narrative reads for a wide range of documentaries, audiobooks and commercials plus jump straight into fun character reads for animation.

Style: distinctive, recognisable, soothing, husky, expressive, warm, characterful, caring, animated

Documentary Style: Lifestyle, Light Entertainment, Natural History

Accent: Standard American, RP, Neutral, London

Native Voice: British