Tom Wells


Bio : Extensive voiceover work for clients including Unibet, Lamborghini, Pot Noodle & Carphone Warehouse plus various other smaller projects for corporate companies. He's worked as an actor and presenter for clients including Onken Yoghurt, Nintendo, Moonpig, Skype, Pronamel, Danon and Blackberry plus many more!

Vocal Age Range: 20 - 30

Experience: Drama, Theatre, Commercial, Presenter, Musical Theatre, Voiceover

Type: Voiceover, Actor, Male, Presenter


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Description : Tom is a bright young actor from North West Lancashire. His voice is very commercial! Warm, likeable, rhythmical, energetic, engaging, friendly, soft, communicative and trustworthy!

Style: down to earth, engaging, upbeat, Inviting, soft, characterful, cheerful, conversational, warm, youthful, confident

Native Voice: British

Accent: Neutral, Northern, Lancashire

Documentary Style: Sports, Natural History, Light Entertainment, Crime