Amelia Tyler


Bio : Amelia is a highly experienced voice and full performance capture actor. Recent roles include The Narrator in Baldur's Gate 3 and Eva Ritter in Amnesia: Rebirth. Malady in 'Divinity Original Sin 2' (Larian Studios), Nyrissa in ‘Pathfinder: Kingmaker’ (Owlcat Games), Cooper in ‘The Spectrum Retreat’ (Ripstone), plus multiple roles in 'Battlefield V’ (EA), ‘Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey’ (Ubisoft), Star Wars Battlefront II' (EA), 'Elite Dangerous: Horizons' (Frontier Developments), ‘Forgotton Anne’ (Throughline Games) and ‘We Happy Few’ (Compulsion Games). Next year she will be appearing in several indie and AAA games, including playing the lead role of Scarlet in 'The Occupation' (White Paper Games). Commercial clients include Centre Parcs, Mercedes Benz, Sony, The Brit Awards, Lexus, Cancer Research UK, BBC, Sky and Disney.

Experience: Motion Capture, Commercial, Promo, Corporate, Video Game

Type: Actress, Voiceover, Female

Vocal Age Range: 25-35, 35-45


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Description : Amelia specialises in video game characters, she's also known for her video game military roles. Her neutral, RP or natural lilting Midlands accent is perfect to create unique, unforgettable characters for any voiceover job. Alluring, elegant, velvety and effortlessly versatile.

Style: sexy, engaging, expressive, playful, husky, Inviting, bright, animated, characterful, warm

Accent: Midlands East, Midlands West, Neutral, RP

Native Voice: British

Documentary Style: Reality, Light Entertainment